Electric RDE-500

POWERPAC PRICE COMPARISON CHARTThis is an electric version of the Compact Dumping Track Machines. It has a manual dumping system and is capable of climbing a 25 degree incline (depending on soil conditions). The fully charged battery will allow for up to 5 hours of operation. This electric track machine comes with either the expandable flatbed tray or the cargo bin. The flatbed tray can be increased by pulling out the load carrying beds.



  • Payload: 1100 lbs.


  • Width: 26.4″

  • Extended Width: 36″

  • Length: 65.7″

  • Extended Length: 70.5″

  • Weight: 463 lbs.

Engine: Electric

  • 3000W / 4.1 HP

  • 24 Volts

  • 5 Hours Operating Time


  • 6 km/h Max

  • 3 Forward & 3 Reverse Gears

Accessories Available

  • Cargo Bin or Flatbed Tray

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