Quick-E-Slab A fast and easy way to lay patio slabs
Quick-E-Single Clamp Laying wall blocks fast and easy
Quick-E-Lifter A safe & easy solution for carrying pavers
Weber Compactors A complete line of Weber compaction equipment
Halder Hammers German Quality Now Available in Canada
Quick-E-Block Clamp Move blocks any size with precision and speed
Quick-E-Scribes Make a cut line swiftly and without error
Quick-E-Hammer Install edging spikes in a fraction of the time
Paving Stone Edging A Complete Line of Paving Stone Edge Restraint
Stronghold Our New Aluminum Paver Edging
Kerr Outdoor Lighting For Paving Stone & Retaining Wall Applications
Adhesives & Sealers For All Your Hardscape & Landscape Needs
Landscape Fabrics & Grids For Retaining Wall & Paving Stone Applications

Hardscape Tools | Great North Landscape ProductsGreat North Hardscape Solutions (div. of Snapedge Canada Ltd) is, fundamentally, a high performance hardscape accessory company. We provide innovative and practical landscape and hardscape solutions that are forward thinking. Whether you’re sourcing for your own use or a new profit centre, our products are an essential part of any hardscaping business.

Great North manufacturers its own premium line of industry-related products and rounds out its wholesale offering by supplying other complementary goods. We provide a wide range of high quality products from commercial-only to consumer-friendly. We love innovation.

A 100% Canadian-owned company, Great North is a preferred supplier to multi-national paving stone producers, independent hardscape centres, retail indoor and outdoor garden centres, building supply yards, municipalities, landscapers and web merchants.

Hardscape Product Innovation Starts Here

Our commitment to superior product performance, comprehensive training, expert technical support and personal coast-to-coast service is at the root of Great North’s success. Our high-quality products are researched, developed and manufactured in our US and Canadian supplier/partner facilities. For 25 years we’ve brought you industry leading brands such as Snap Edge®, Surebond®, Kerr Lighting®, Stronghold® and Mirafi/Tencate®, and our newest addition of professional hardscape tools by Pave Tool Innovators.

Reliability You Can Count On

Great Norths long-term success is built on having a ready supply of hardscape and landscape products available whenever a customer calls. Achieving this means building an extremely strong network of supply. Because of our excellent reputation, Great North is constantly adding to its supply sources. When ethics and integrity are thought of in the hardscape industry, Great North is the first name that comes to the minds of many.

No Order is Too Big or Too Small

Great North allows you to earn profit from our wide variety of high performance hardscape products with minimal effort. Your customers can buy product in so many places today, why not buy everything they need from you. Let our dedicated team help. Whether it is arranging transportation, processing orders or just-in-time delivery, Great North has the resources you need. Our industry tested products and easy, one-stop convenience means that you have more time to focus your attention on the other things you need to get done in your business.

All of us at Great North and our commitment to creating a customer-centric supply chain, look forward to working with you for years to come. Together we will build landscapes and hardscapes that last a lifetime.