Kerr Outdoor Lighting

We are proud to be a distributor for Kerr outdoor low voltage paver lights, including all of the popular paver light styles, as well as replacement accessories, including transformers and bulbs.


Solar LED Lighting


Under-Copng Corner Light (L.E.D.)

W a l l t e r

Under-Coping Light (L.E.D.)

Retaining Wall Lights

Retaining Wall Light Kits

Stack Stone

Retaining Wall Light Kits


Retaining Wall Light Kits

Garden Wall

Retaining Wall Light Kits

Camelot Light

6 x 9 Camelot Paver Light Kits

New Age Light

6 x 9 New Age Paver Light Kits

Millennium Light

6 x 6 Millennium Paver Light Kits

Casino Light

4 1/2 x 7 Casino Paver Lights

BC Light

4 1/2 x 9 BC Paver Lights

Commercial Paver Light

10-Pack (7-watt) Bulk Lights - 4 x 8 Pavers

2 Pack – Paver Lights

4 x 8 Standard Paver Lights - Lights Only

8 Kit – Paver Lights

4 x 8 Standard Paver Light - 8 Kit

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