About Us

At Great North it’s all about the big picture and about products that deliver true performance — from start to finish. Established in 1990, Great North Hardscape has always been known for professional quality products, gold star service and first to market innovations. We focus on manufacturing & connecting you to the most dependable products in the world.

Consider our comprehensive catalogue of original products:

Snap Edge® Family of Edges – The First Ever Snip-n-flex paver edging line
Pave Tool Innovators – The Best Ever Tools of the Trade
Polysweep Clear-Set – The First Ever Haze-Free & RCS safe polymeric sand
Evolution Sand for joints up to 4” – The First Ever All-in-one-haze-free polymeric sand
Surebond™ Sealers & Cleaners – Eco Friendly Longest Lasting & High Grade Solids
Stronghold™ Aluminum Edging – Made in Canada Super Strong Paver Edge
Stronghold™ Tufx® Wheelbarrows – Made in Canada Lightweight & Tough
Stronghold™ Precision Edge – Made in Canada Eco Friendly & Unbreakable
Stronghold™ Foam Adhesive – 1 HR SET Super High Strength – Max Performance
BL Platinum Hardscape PU – Maximum Performance Ultra Flexible Adhesive
SB-10 Paver Bond – All Weather Flexible Hardscape Adhesive
WeberMT & Halder Mallets – German Quality Compaction & Pounding Equipment

Geo Fabrics and Grids, Kerr Lighting, Stone Suction Equipment, High Tech Survey Equipment, and as always, the latest and greatest the hardscape world has to offer.
For almost 30 years, our products have been used in the most impressive Interlocking Paver & Hardscape projects around and have stood the test of time – from shipping ports to subdivisions, from shopping malls to monuments and from backyard retreats to city streets. At Great North, it’s about consistently demonstrating a higher level of product performance and ethical acumen.

Quite simply, we provide Advanced Hardscape Solutions for customers who demand integrity in business & in life. In fact, dependable performance is our strength. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products and service, I invite you to contact me personally so we can make it right.

My Best,
Attilio Renon
Owner and President

Great North Hardscape Solutions