Faster than a shovel!

Takes a bit to get used to but after a little practice and getting the handle where you want it, it is very quick! Much, much faster than using a flat shovel or trowel.

Quick-E-Sand Plow

Fantastic tool for building retainer walls!

We just started using this tool on a job out in the Pacific Northwest Seattle area, lifting Mutual Material 200 large retainer wall base blocks. These blocks are 22″ deep, 8″ tall, and 18″ wide and have a weight over 100lbs and there was no way we wanted to do this job with 250′ feet of wall by hand. Although the tool doesn’t look like heavy duty standard mini excavator attachments, it works ridiculously well and easy and seems strong enough. It never slipped, and never scratched the front of the block. I wouldn’t use this just lifting by hand. It works as advertised using with a mini excavator. It’s best with three people. The Company shipped it to me fast, and it was packaged well. The price is very reasonable. Stupid not to have one. Like going from a rotary dial phone to a smart phone.

Landscape Pick Up, LLC
Quick-E-BL-180 Clamp

Excellent Tool

While installing 18 – 4′ Rocka steps, this tool has already paid for itself. I was hesitant to purchase based on the price point but I have zero regrets now that I have it. After completing the job I look at that hillside and wonder how on earth I ever installed these steps without it. This tool optimized the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder.” The only knock I have on this clamp is the latch that keeps the clamp open tends to fall off and must be held until tension is applied, but that is so minor its hardly worth mentioning. Great tool, my back and shoulders thank you!

Taylor Fleischer
Bear Turf and Landscape Construction

Excellent product

Cuts our stair setting time in half

Josh Cohen


Used with the Quick-e-Slab and they worked as advertised. Wouldn’t consider doing a large paver slab job without them.

Elmo Mazzoni

E Scribes

I’ll make it simple if you want to save time on your caps, borders etc you need to buy yourself a set of e scribes. We save 3 hours worth of work, now imagine how much we would save on every job we do. Time is money


Brandon wall lifter

I got the first set and after trying it on all three lengths and both thicknesses (3″ and 7″) of Brandon Wall as well as Raffinato (3″and 7″) I immediately bought a set for all 6 teams and their tool trailers. I did modify mind with some Tennis racket grip tape because I don’t wear gloves.

Quick-E-BL 100 Clamp

Best layout tool!

I bought the Quick-E-Laser Rod and first kept it in my truck to for consultations with clients. It made documenting existing site grades extremely easy, eliminating the manual calculations of grade differences. I soon had it on the jobsite, and loved it. I now have a second one, and we’re using both on the current jobsite that has 10 different elevations for various features. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jeremy Martin
Quick-E-Laser Rod

Back & Knee Saver

This screeder saves your body and time! No more getting on your knees with a screed board. You can also screed a lot more with the extending handle without stepping or kneeling on the sand an packing it in. It also breaks down easily to save space in the trailer. Well worth the money!

Quick-E-Screeder Package

Back Saver & Labor Cost Saver

The single block clamp we purchased from you works very well. Definitely a back saver and a labor cost saver. We normally use 6 men setting our 86lb block. After receiving your product we set the next wall with 3 men. More than paid for the clamp. Thanks

Christine M.
Quick-E-BL 100 Clamp


The screeds are absolutely fantastic – wow what a time saver.

Shane Rimene
Quick-E-Screeder Package

Awesome product

The lifter saves so much time, easy to adjust to any size. We used to use straps to set steps and it was a Pain, this lifter is defiantly worth the money.

Wasyl Mauser

Another great tool

Bought this last week because we needed to install some granite slabs. I was sick of using forks and hoping the sides we’re lined up or having to deal with a strap. This makes setting easier. It picked up a 6ft x 4ft x 7in. slab no problem. They make great tools.

Will LeRoyer
Quick-E-BL 3000 Clamp


Very well thought out tool. It takes a minute to get it set to how you want it, but after that it’s super easy. We set steps now with two less guys and in half the time.

Thanks Pavetool.

Chad Greer
Quick-E-BL 3000 Clamp

Absolutely fantastic

Ordered the BL 180 on a whim not knowing if it would even clamp the blocks I was using (Anchor Vertica Pro). As soon as we put it to use under the mini excavator I knew this was an excellent investment. With the fit, finish, and durability this thing is exactly what you want. Add to that its extreme versatility and you cant go wrong. I saved all my guys’ backs and saved money in labor time. Great tool, great customer service. I will be back you can count on it!

Matt Hunefeld
Quick-E-BL-180 Clamp

A worthy Addition To Any Wall Builder’s Tool Collection!

We have been using the quick clamp for a week now and I have to say it works great. With a three man system we were stacking wall faster than ever, not to mention the strain saved on all our backs. We’d love it even more if it had grips over the handles but still a worthy addition to any wall builder’s tool collection.

Shane Baxter
Lead Foreman - Lennox Landscapes Ltd
Quick-E-BL 100 Clamp

Walls Fast!

Get your base in place than drop some sand at each bar and tap in place with a laver level on each side and you have perfect surface to screed on. Combine with the E-Screeder and my walls were super level an both directions quickly.

Scott Sanicki

Great heavy duty hammers!

The entire pave tool line is a excellent line of tools that can pay for themselves in one job i have been very happy with all the tools i have bought form them especially the block clamps !!

Ted Grimm
Simplex 80-mallet

WeberMT VPR700

So far our crews like this compactor for seating pavers and slabs way more then the conventional compaction plate with paver saver mat. They have more control over machine and the speed it travels. Really keeps paver heights consistent to one another.

Brian Headley


“I have been every bit of happy with all the tools I have gotten from Pave Tool! I got the CF3 compactor which was brought out for demo on my job site so I could test it on some different pieces of bluestone to be sure it wasnt to much compaction for natural cleft. Buying the compactor from them cost less then getting it elsewhere, and they came to my house to drop off the user manual which I forgot behind at their shop and I didnt have time to stop in and grab it.
I also got a paver clamp which has saved our backs and fingers for sure.
The Zip Level was the same price everywhere, but I like the service provided my the Bahler family in my past purchases, and they had it in stock and ready to go the day I wanted it.
They are very nice people and will respond to your call or text promptly and everything in a friendly manner. They will also give you advise on how to use the tools properly and they have used and or invented every tool, so their advise comes from the right place (experience), not from the written manual.”

Tim Moore
Zip Level

Good solid product

Really help increase our SRW production time

Jeremy T Flynn

Wish I Had Known About It Before!

Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived this am and we used the paver screeder this afternoon. It is a great tool! I wish I had known about it before!


John Yonkin

The BL-980 has made me Money

We purchased a bl-980 to make the job of setting large steps easier on my crews. The BL-980 was a real back saver on our last project. We set 7 pallets of nicolock irregular steps on a steep slope. Each pallet had 6 different shaped and sized pieces on it ranging from 350 to 600 lbs each. Trying to do this job with a skid steer and forks would ultimately have been next to impossible due to the slope and we surely would have damaged some of the precast units. Being able to get our mini excavator to set multiple steps from one location also limited site disruption. Pulling a few pins and resetting them allowed us to quickly adjust the clamp for each piece. I can safely say after two jobs the BL-980 has made me money. It has saved time, saved backs, and we have had no damage to the products we have installed. Well worth the investment. Thank you for your continued innovation in our industry. At a time that labor is difficult to find we rely more on tools and equipment to get jobs done.

Andy Sykes

Best Step Setting Tool

This is by far the best step setting and fastest step setting tool out there. So versatile, use with any machine that can handle the load. Saved a day and half worth of labor on last job, paid for itself on first job!!!!!!

Ross Pajich

Save your back, save on time!

Great product. We ordered the Quick-E-Hammer after seeing a video on Instagram. The team was blown away by how fast and easy it was to drive the spikes for our edge restraints. Only regret we have is not buying this a lot sooner!

MainStay Landscape

Takes the work out of slab installation

Bought this project to help out on a slab project to go with our Quick E Slab. Made the job so much easier and more productive especially when having to move 18″x24″ 30 or more feet from the pallet. Great Investment to save your back!

Jeremy T Flynn

Using the Quick-E-Scribe

I’ll make it simple if you want to save time on your caps, borders etc you need to buy yourself a set of e scribes. We save 3 hours worth of work, now imagine how much we would save on every job we do. Time is money.

Juan Hernandez
JRJ Landscaping LLC, GA
Great North Hardscape