COMPATROL® is based on a frequency band analysis and consists of a display (CCD Compaction Control Display) and an accelerometer.
COMPATROL® measures the acceleration increase or decrease of the base plate, compares that measurement with the soil conditions registered by the system and converts it to “electrical voltage”. The result is easily shown in the display: If the number of flashing diodes does not increase, the operator knows that the maximum compaction has been achieved on that soil with this machine.

COMPATROL® 2.0 – the extension of the compaction control to the active motor protection MDM applies to the CR 6 to CR 9 series of soil compactors.

COMPATROL® is not a replacement for conventional testing methods, but provides you an useful addition to the quality assurance and takes the guess-work out.

Automatic function check of the machine.

Automatic  frequency check of the machine.
(Green LED flashes until optimum frequency
is reached).

Operation (after 5-10 seconds)

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