CR 8-E1

Configurations: WSA, MDM, CCD 2.0

With its high compaction force, this machine achieves top productivity and the low-vibration handle ensures maximum operational comfort.

  • Centrifugal force: 16,860 lbs.
  • Operating weight: 1,334 lbs.
  • Base plate width: 28″


MDMEngine protection

CR 6, CR 7, CR 8 and CR 9 soil compactors with MDM Engine Protection and COMPATROL® 2.0 offer comprehensive safety precaution. In case of low engine oil, high engine temperature or dirty air filter, an LED-display indicates an issue to the operator and the Hatz engine shuts off automatically. Engine damage due to insufficient servicing is a thing of the past.

Service life and operational safety of the engine will be significantly extended.


COMPATROL® measures the acceleration increase and decrease of the soil compactor’s base plate, compares the measured values with the registered soil characteristics and translates the results into “electric voltage”.

The result is easy to read and understand on the display:
If the number of lit diodes no longer increases, this tells the operator:
Maximum compaction for this type of soil has been achieved with this machine!

COMPATROL® 2.0 – enhancement of compaction control to the active engine protection MDM applies to the soil compactor CR 6 series to CR. 9

COMPATROL® 2.0 is not a replacement for conventional testing methods, but offers a meaningful supplement for quality assurance.


  • Less rework and no over compaction
  • Uniform compaction due to continuous measurement, weak points are quickly identified
  • No area remains uncontrolled
  • Quality assurance on confined sites (e.g., in trenches or back fill areas)
Great North Hardscape