DCX 250 Xpert 1550 Bridge Saw

Professional Moving Head Machine For Wet Cutting With Plunge Effect.

RUBI’s DCX-250 Xpert range of professional cutters is designed for intensive cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles (BIA) and any other type of ceramic tile (BIIa / BIIb / BIII / AIB) while allowing an occasional cutting of pieces of natural stone.
The design of the DCX-250 Xpert cutters includes a highly reinforced aluminum chassis with an innovative triple beam system and steel fronts to improve the stability and rigidity of the entire chassis.
The moving head of the DCX-250 Xpert moves through a reinforced guide made of aluminum for a better and more precise finish in the cut. This system also incorporates a high-performance chopping effect, allowing the cutting height to be adjusted to the user’s needs.

RUBI’s DCX-250 Xpert electric cutters include the C3 Phyton cooling system. It allows the water application point to be adjusted according to the thickness of the material, ensuring that the water hits the cut point directly. The C3 Phyton system increases the refrigeration efficiency and reduces the dispersion and loss of water. More efficient cooling helps increase the performance of the diamond blade.

The cooling system of the DCX-250 Xpert is completed with a double steel decanter for more efficient recovery of the used water, directed towards the external water tank of 30 liters of capacity. Using an external tank, handling it in cleaning and filling operations is easier and faster.

The models of the DCX-250 Xpert range incorporate reinforced handles and wheels (off-road type), which provide a better experience in transporting and handling the cutters. Its folding system with reinforced legs includes a quick locking system with a safety device that prevents involuntary folding during work or any possible movements that we can experience at job sites. In addition, the DCX tile cutter includes a regulator that assists in the correct leveling of the cutting table.

Always thinking about the safety of the professional, RUBI equips the DCX-250 Xpert models with its ZERO DUST system, patented and certified by the TNO.* It allows a safe exposure to a minimal percentage of debris from ceramic materials and natural stones, thanks to the reduction of respirable dust particles generated during cutting. Always protect yourself with a face mask of course.

offers “safe exposure” values to respirable quartz dust particles within the “user’s inhalation zone,” which allows RUBI electric cutters to work up to 3 hours a day* and consecutive cutting ceramic tile and 1 hour in cutting natural stone in a closed and unventilated space of 15 square meters.

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