ED-120 Electric Wheelbarrow


This model is the small version of the electric powered Motorized Dumper Wheelbarrow. It has a mechanical/pneumatic tipping device and is capable of climbing a 12 degree incline (depending on soil conditions). The fully charged battery will allow for 3-5 hours of operation. This electronic wheelbarrow comes a cargo dumping bin as shown.


  • Volume: 4.1 cu. ft.

  • Payload: 265 lb.


  • Overall Width: 30.7″

  • Overall Length: 55.1″

  • Weight: 93 lbs.

Electric Engine

  • 230 W

  • 24 Volts

  • 3-5 Hours of Operating Time


  • 3.5 km/h Max

  • Variable Gear Ratio

Accessories Available:

  • Flatbed Tray

  • Additional Batteries

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