ES Standard Power Pack

This light weight 15 pound box can be used with the ES T-Handle to lift your small 6″ x 6″ pavers or be used with our 5 different ES Pad Sizes to lift slabs all the way up to 2,400 pounds. The ES Standard Power Pack can run up to 8 hours on a single charge off the 20v 6aH DeWalt battery. With the two batteries and a one hour quick charger(included), there will be no down time on the job. The Power Pack is a quiet machine that only runs while in use, making it a manageable machine to work next to all day long. The five different size pads allow you to lift a large variety of non-porous products. Whether you want to pick you products horizontally or vertically we got you covered with the ES Housing Unit. The power pack straps right into the housing unit allowing you to lift all five pads with an excavator. Not only does it work with the Housing Unit and the T-Handle but you can use the ES Power Pack to lift your products by hand with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist or the Quick-E-Ergo XL.

1 – ES Standard Power Pack
2 – 20v 6aH DeWalt batteries
1 – DeWalt 1 hour quick charger
1 – Buckle strap (used with ES Housing Unit and Quick-E-Ergo XL)

*Not guaranteed to work on all porous material
1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Great North Hardscape