Gardeners Hollow Leg

Right where you need it

  • Convenient – it’s right where you need it all the time.
  • Efficient – no more extra steps in the yard cleanup process.
  • Handy – provides an adjustable belt that will accommodate your clipper holster; there’s a pocket for your cell phone or iPod, too.
  • Comfortable – the adjustable belt expands from 30 to 52 inches.
  • Practical – allows you to use both hands all the time.
  • Compact design – the opening is approximately 10” in diameter and the bag is 23” deep; it holds more than five gallons!
  • Easy to use – the patented* ring opening makes depositing clippings into the bag easy – and a cinch to empty too.
  • Ergonomic – it keeps the weight on your legs, not on your neck or shoulders; it’s more comfortable when fruit or vegetable harvesting.


Size: 10” x 23” (5+ gallons)
Units per case: 12
Weight per case: 11 Pounds
Pallet Packaging: 60 cases per pallet
Pallet Weight: 700 LBS

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