Mirafi 140N & NC

Heavier Duty Non-woven Geotextile Fabric


  • Construction. Mirafi® N-Series polypropylene non-woven geotextiles easily conform to the ground or trench surface for trouble-free installation.
  • Strength. Mirafi® N-Series geotextiles withstand installation stresses with high puncture and tear resistance.
  • Drainage. High permittivity properties provide high water flow rates while providing excellent soil retention.
  • Environmental. Mirafi® N-Series geotextiles are chemically stable in a wide range of aggressive environments.
  • Cost Effective. Mirafi® N-Series geotextiles provide economical solutions to many civil engineering applications including a cost-effective alternative to graded-aggregate filters.

ROLLPICAvailable in Poly bagged 3’ Rolls,
perfect for retail sales.

Poly bagged
3’ Retail Roll
3’ Roll 4’ Roll 12’ 6” Roll
Roll Width: 3 feet
Roll Length: 100 feet
Sq. Meters / Roll: 28
Weight / Roll: 12 LBS
Roll Width: 3 feet
Roll Length: 360 feet
Sq. Meters / Roll: 100
Weight / Roll: 35 LBS
Roll Width: 4 feet 2 in.
Roll Length: 360 feet
Sq. Meters / Roll: 139.5
Weight / Roll: 47 LBS
Roll Width: 12.5 feet
Roll Length: 360 feet
Sq. Meters / Roll: 418
Weight / Roll: 152 LBS


Great North Hardscape