Quick-E-BL 980 Clamp


2 Unique attachments are available for special applications.

  • Pick multiple cell blocks quickly & easily
  • Move step treads front to back with minimal effort
  • Adjust quickly & easily
  • Major labor savings
  • 2 unique inserts available to accommodate different block types (sold seperately)
  • Adjust from 0″-38″
  • Holds up to 980lbs

Also Available: 2 attachments for specific wall types.

Quick-E-Wedge – Keeps tapered block straight when placing them with our Block Clamps. Compatible with the BL 450 and BL 980 clamps.

Quick-E-I Spacer – Made to grab more than one “I” shaped block straight. The Retaining Wall block used in the photo is Allan Block, Vertical. Compatible with the BL 980 clamp.


Want to lift boulders / Armour Stone?

Quick-E-Boulder Grab

Also check out the Boulder Grab Attachment
for the Quick-E-BL 980 Clamp.



Great North Hardscape