Quick-E-Hybrid Edge Restraint

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QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging

New and Improved Quick-E-Hybrid Stake

QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging

New and improved design & connector coming Summer of 2022

1 Product = 2 Solutions

• Use with the QUICK-E-Hybrid Stake (sold separately) for permeable applications

• Use a standard 10″ flathead landscape spike installed on a 60° angle to prevent uplift in dense grade applications (Use the QUICK-E- Hammer for ease of installation. Sold separately) 

• Great for edging landscape beds also! 

• Easy to cut and form around curves 

• Easier connection method!

For Vehicular and Pedestrian, Permeable, Open Grade, and Hybrid Base Applications 

• NO mixing messy concrete 

• NO more Geo-grid embedded in Concrete

• NO heavy curbing needed 

• Designed to retain permeable pavers 

• Use QUICK-E-Hybrid Stake every other slot with the  QUICK-E-Hammer for ease of installation. (Hammer Sold separately)


Q. How many stakes do I need/pc? 

A. 5 per 6’8” piece 

• 30 pc. Bundle = 2 boxes of stakes

• 1/2 Pallet = 26 boxes of stakes

• Full Pallet= 52 Boxes of stakes

Size Options: 

• Bundle (30 pc. – 200 LF)

• 1/2 Pallet (390 pc. – 2,600 LF)

• Full Pallet (780 pc. – 5,200 LF)

QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging vs Concrete

Hybrid Edge

Chosen by ICPI open grade test committee

Over 4x stronger laterally

Mechanical Connection with the base (earth)

Light in weight – strong in performance

What’s going to happen overtime?
Stay strong. Deeply rooted & secure.


Not Approved by ICPI

Concrete is like a tree with no root system

No Connection with the base (earth)

Heavy – have to keep dry

What’s going to happen overtime?
Crack. Creeping/Lateral Shift (Pull Away). Pavement Failure


Great North Hardscape