Simplex Mallets

Excellent choice for large or small wall projects


German quality now available in Canada

Hard-face to Soft-face mallets to fit your every need.

The SIMPLEX soft-face mallet is perfect for the Hardscape trade. Worn inserts can be replaced very quickly and easily. Be confident on every job that your SIMPLEX mallet will deliver blow after blow after blow without blowing apart at the worst time.
Reliable SIMPLEX has a unique housing with a central three point fixture which has proven itself a million times over. Quality matters.

If you’re serious about your tools then Halder SIMPLEX is the only choice.

Available in 3 Sizes
40 MM, 60 MM & 80 MM
Also available with an oversized insert 50:40 MM



Halder Stand Up Sim60 Mallet


Great North Hardscape