Stronghold Foam Adhesive

Quick Curing

Stronghold Adhesive: Concrete, Pavers, Stone, Bricks, Porcelain, Drywall, Wood, Metal, Polywood, Foam, Fibreglass, PVC

1 Can of STRONGHOLD = Approx 6 Large Tubes of Standard Hardscape Adhesive.

1 Can of STRONGHOLD™ = Approx 6 Large Tubes of Standard Hardscape Adhesive.


Gun Cleaner

  • Removes fresh, non-cured polyurethane foam adhesive.
  • Specifically formulated for STRONGHOLDTM application gun.
  • Simple to use – just screw cleaner onto application gun and squeeze trigger.


Application Instructions

  • Remove all debris, dust and grease.
  • Protect surrounding area.
  • Shake can vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • Remove cap and screw canister onto STRONGHOLD Gun.
  • Apply bead of adhesive along surfaces to be bonded. Bead size is adjustable.
  • Join both pieces by pressing together slightly. Note: You have 8 minutes before initial set.
  • Remove excess foam immediately with STRONGHOLD Gun Cleaner (sold separately) first ensuring surface is solvent resistant. Cured foam can be removed mechanically.


  • Quick & Clean Application
  • Adjustable bead size
  • Maximum yield – no waste
  • Easy gunning
  • Increased efficiency
  • No more soggy adhesive tubes


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