TC-125 G2 Circular Saw

The Light And Precise Large Format Cutter

The TC-125 G2 is a circular saw specially designed for cutting porcelain slabs and all types of ceramic tiles. It is also suitable for natural and sintered stone.
It is particularly suitable for large format tiles.
The TC-125 is equipped with a sliding platform on adjustable radial bearings. It is essential to use it on SLIM SYSTEM G2 slides.
The double dust reduction/control system makes the TC-125 suitable for; dry cutting with direct connection to the vacuum cleaner (Ø 32 mm)* or wet cutting with the regulating valve and hose connection (Ø 16 mm)**.
Compatible with Ø125 or Ø115 mm blades (suitable for blades with reinforcement plate, type TVA). Includes SAFETY lock switch to prevent unintentional starting. Electric cable with PRCD.
The blade protector, made of die-cast aluminium with a transparent Poly-carbonate cover, has a quick opening and closing system. It makes EASIER to change the blade and MINIMISES particles and water ejected.
The tilting side guard for mitre cutting REDUCES water splashes and IMPROVES dust extraction.
The TC-125 is supplied complete with the TCR-125 SUPERPRO blade (for dry cutting, not suitable for mitre cutting), carrying case and accessories. EASY transport and handling.
To complete the KIT, it is necessary to purchase reference #51949, which includes the guides (2 x 155 cm and 1 x 65 cm), the suction cups and the clamps, in addition to the circular cutter reference with the desired voltage.
*The TC-125 also includes an adapter for the vacuum cleaner (Ø37, 42 and 50 mm). **The TC-125 does not include the quick coupling for the water hose.

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