Digs The Perfect Hole Every Time.
Dig It. Plant It. Done.

Maximize gardening productivity with MAXBIT, the newest digging technology that simply attaches to a power drill, saving time while avoiding the aches and pains that follow weekends of gardening and landscaping. The MAXBIT’s patented curved-angle design pushes dirt out of the ground and digs the perfect hole every time.

Notice the curved angles of the bit compress dirt into the bottom and sides of the hole, resulting in a perfectly round, flat-bottomed hole each time. This compressing action eliminates the pile of dug out dirt for you to deal with when you’re done. The bit and its extension piece fit on most common power drills, and are made in North America with ultra-tough steel that’s powder coated to resist rust.

The MAXBIT works in tilled or untilled soil and makes perfect bulb holes, as well as 4“or 6” potted plant holes. With the power of a drill doing the digging, planting a garden is easier, and faster, than ever before.

Dig smart, not hard.

Great North Hardscape