High Precision Altimeter

Replaces Rotary Lasers as the World’s Fastest, Easiest, most Powerful, Precise and Only Pressurized Bubble Free Level.

ZIPLEVEL® will measure over a 200’ (60m) circle and 40’ (12m) vertically on one setup with 0.050 internal precision. Its revolutionary High Precision functions will measure over 4’ (121.9cm) vertically with paper thin 0.005 (0.1mm) internal precision. ZIPLEVEL has 16 powerful built-in functions and a PC Serial port. The job site rugged ZIPLEVEL will operate from -22F (-30C) to 158F ( 70C) for up to a year of daily use on a single 9V battery.

Set up in seconds…. finish in minutes.
By yourself!

Great North Hardscape