Paver Edge10

We offer a variety of paver edge restraints, from injection molded plastic to aluminum, for all paving stone applications from patios to driveways or roadways

Compaction Equipment31

The leader in soil and paver compaction equipment, Weber MT offers a number of compaction equipment options that include: forward plate compactors, reversible soil compactors and rammers (also known as jumping jacks), and the new Paver Rollers.

Hardscape & Porcelain Tools68

Professional hardscape tools for the installation of interlocking paving stones, retaining walls, patio pavers, garden walls and other hardscaping products.

Landscape Lighting19

We are proud to be a distributor for Kerr outdoor low voltage paver lights, including all of the popular paver light styles, as well as replacement accessories, including transformers and bulbs.

Geotextile Fabric & Geogrid8

Geotextiles and Geogrids are used for base separation and stabilization in the construction of roads, driveways, garden beds and for building retaining walls

Sealers & Cleaners14

We carry SureBond products for cleaning and sealing various surfaces such as concrete pavers, exposed aggregate, clay brick, cultured stone and natural stone.

GNH Adhesives4

Professional strength landscape adhesives for use on large retaining wall and landscape garden walls, as well as other hardscape and landscape applications.

Garden Edge2

Barrier Edge Restraint creates a permanent barrier between different landscape materials. It can be used as a landscape edging or paver edge restraint.

Track Equipment12

For PowerPac Parts Service or Warranty Information CLICK HERE

Pave Mor Suction Equipment3

PAVE MOR suction equipment is a trusted brand now available in Canada from Great North Hardscape Solutions.

Sweeper/Snow Removal1

Gas sweepers are great for residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Electric Equipment1

Electric equipment gains you access to enclosed spaces and emission controlled areas.

Self Loaders4

Efficient machines for loading and hauling large volumes of materials through tight spaces. Simple to operate and great for both contractors and DIY rentals.

Multi Loader2

The multi loader has many attachments available to make many aspects of the job more efficient.

Dumpers & Haulers4

Tracked dumpers & haulers are ideal for transporting pre-cast and aggregate through tight spaces with minimal impact to the ground.

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