Quick-E-BL 100 Clamp

I got the first set and after trying it on all three lengths and both thicknesses (3″ and 7″) of Brandon Wall as well as Raffinato (3″and 7″) I immediately bought a set for all 6 teams and their tool trailers. I did modify mind with some Tennis racket grip tape because I don’t wear […]

The single block clamp we purchased from you works very well. Definitely a back saver and a labor cost saver. We normally use 6 men setting our 86lb block. After receiving your product we set the next wall with 3 men. More than paid for the clamp. Thanks

We have been using the quick clamp for a week now and I have to say it works great. With a three man system we were stacking wall faster than ever, not to mention the strain saved on all our backs. We’d love it even more if it had grips over the handles but still […]

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