“I have been every bit of happy with all the tools I have gotten from Pave Tool! I got the CF3 compactor which was brought out for demo on my job site so I could test it on some different pieces of bluestone to be sure it wasnt to much compaction for natural cleft. Buying the compactor from them cost less then getting it elsewhere, and they came to my house to drop off the user manual which I forgot behind at their shop and I didnt have time to stop in and grab it.
I also got a paver clamp which has saved our backs and fingers for sure.
The Zip Level was the same price everywhere, but I like the service provided my the Bahler family in my past purchases, and they had it in stock and ready to go the day I wanted it.
They are very nice people and will respond to your call or text promptly and everything in a friendly manner. They will also give you advise on how to use the tools properly and they have used and or invented every tool, so their advise comes from the right place (experience), not from the written manual.”

Great North Hardscape Solutions