Fantastic tool for building retainer walls!

We just started using this tool on a job out in the Pacific Northwest Seattle area, lifting Mutual Material 200 large retainer wall base blocks. These blocks are 22″ deep, 8″ tall, and 18″ wide and have a weight over 100lbs and there was no way we wanted to do this job with 250′ feet of wall by hand. Although the tool doesn’t look like heavy duty standard mini excavator attachments, it works ridiculously well and easy and seems strong enough. It never slipped, and never scratched the front of the block. I wouldn’t use this just lifting by hand. It works as advertised using with a mini excavator. It’s best with three people. The Company shipped it to me fast, and it was packaged well. The price is very reasonable. Stupid not to have one. Like going from a rotary dial phone to a smart phone.

Great North Hardscape Solutions