The BL-980 has made me Money

We purchased a bl-980 to make the job of setting large steps easier on my crews. The BL-980 was a real back saver on our last project. We set 7 pallets of nicolock irregular steps on a steep slope. Each pallet had 6 different shaped and sized pieces on it ranging from 350 to 600 lbs each. Trying to do this job with a skid steer and forks would ultimately have been next to impossible due to the slope and we surely would have damaged some of the precast units. Being able to get our mini excavator to set multiple steps from one location also limited site disruption. Pulling a few pins and resetting them allowed us to quickly adjust the clamp for each piece. I can safely say after two jobs the BL-980 has made me money. It has saved time, saved backs, and we have had no damage to the products we have installed. Well worth the investment. Thank you for your continued innovation in our industry. At a time that labor is difficult to find we rely more on tools and equipment to get jobs done.

Great North Hardscape