Stronghold Paver Restraint

Aluminum Edging that bends to your needs



Stronghold™ is a permanent, aluminum paving restraint system. Its tight-fitting design promotes healthy turf growth and maximum lateral deflection. Stronghold rapidly forms to curves, circles and angles, as well as straight lines, allowing for the widest installation flexibility.

  • Stronghold™ is a versatile product that can be easily installed under the paver or away from the paver. In addition, each piece is capable of performing straight or curvilinear applications.
  • Stronghold’s™ interlocking sliding connectors eliminate possible weak points.

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  • Standard 8’4” lengths
  • Made of non-rusting recycled aluminum
  • Completely hidden from view
  • One piece does straight or curved patterns
  • 90 degree angles without cutting
  • Will not warp in heat or crack in cold
  • Easy to insert piece to piece connection system
  • Stronghold can be installed under pavers (Although
  • not recommended by ICPI)
  • Alloy: 6063, Hardness: T5

Heavy duty paver edge, includes multi-use carry bag with every bundle!


Length per piece 8′ 4″
Pieces / Bundles 30
Lin. Ft. / Bundle 250
Bundles / Pallet 10
Pieces / Pallet 300
Lin. Ft. / Pallet 2500
Weight / Pallet 575 lbs.

Technical Drawing