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Snapedge Paver Restraint

The worlds #1 best selling paver edging.

SnapEdge paver edge restraint was designed for the hardscape professional who understands that good reputations are built on quality work. And to ensure a quality hardscape installation using SnapEdge is a rule not an option. There are a lot of paver edge restraints on the market but none perform like SnapEdge.

SnapEdge comes in an 8′ piece which the contractor can transport easily and requires no extra connectors, It is made from rugged injection molded plastic which ensures the strongest edge restraint designed for vehicular and patio/walkway applications and is easy to install with common 8″ to 12″ landscape spikes through the Patented Lap Joint end connector for a secure connection and extra support.

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snapedgeSbends  Snap-Edge-hidden-call-out

• One piece system does it all
• Straight, curves, even complete radius without waste
• Open base design lets grass grow along paver edge
• Creates a strong yet invisible edge
• Can be installed before or after pavers are laid
• Made from 100% recycled materials
• Only ONE snip required to make curves
• Can be snipped before or during installation to modify shape
• Fewer spikes needed than any other edge restraint saving you money and time

Snapedge Pallet

Full Pallet
Length per piece 8 Feet
Pieces / Bundle 24
Linear Feet / Bundle 192
Bundles / Pallet 28
Pieces / Pallet 672
Lin Feet / Pallet 5,376
Pallet Weight (lbs.) 1,450

Snapedge Pallet

Starter Pallet
Length per piece 8 Feet
Pieces / Bundle 24
Linear Feet / Bundle 192
Bundles / Pallet 12
Pieces / Pallet 288
Lin Feet / Pallet 2,304
Pallet Weight (lbs.) 640

Convenient and efficient packaging makes handling Snapedge easy for yard personal, contractors and homeowners.

Snapedge 3 Fold Brochure
Original Snapedge Brochure
Installation Instructions

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