Barrier 2 Pack Retail Program

Designed for use with concrete pavers & gardens.

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Barrier Paver & Landscape Edging

Barrier Edge Restraint creates a permanent barrier between different landscape materials. It is easy to install and gives professional results. It can be used as a landscape edging or paver edge restraint. Convenient, single piece design can be used for straight runs, sweeping curves or tight bends. Designed for both homeowner and contractor in mind. Made of HDPE (black plastic). Barrier is reusable – if the design changes, simply reinstall!

Barrier Edging when used for Pavers

  • Flexible design can be used in straight lines, curves and tight bends
  • Helps secure paver bricks & prevents pavers from moving horizontally
  • Open Base design allows grass roots to help anchor edging in place
  • Barrier is invisible after installation

Barrier Edging when used for Landscaping

  • Ideal for creating a professional edge to your planting beds and gardens
  • Perfect solution for building tree rings
  • Creates permanent barrier between different landscape materials
  • Holds landscape fabric and weed barriers firmly in place
Barrier™ comes in 6′ 8″ lengths and has a back wall height of 17/8″ and is designed to be used around gardens, pavers or natural stone 2″- 31/8″ thick.

Be sure to watch the Barrier installation video found in the video tab.

• Forms a professional edge for planting beds/gardens
• Perfect solution for building tree rings
• One length creates a 25” diameter ring
• Permanent barrier between diff. landscape materials
• Holds landscape fabric/weed barriers firmly in place
• Designed for use with 8” To 12” landscape spikes

Can Be Used as Landscape Edging or for Pavers No Trenching Required Single Piece Can Be Used for Straight Runs, Sweeping Curves, or Tight Bends Quick and Permanent Connection Between Lengths Resists Frost Heaving Barrier is Reusable – If the Design Changes, Simply Remove it and reinstall.

Barrier Specifier’s CSI Guide


Pallets or Boxes
Length per piece 6′ 8″
Packages / Box 16
Lin. Ft. / Box 213.3
Box / Pallet 20
Packages / Pallet 320
Lin. Ft. / Pallet 4,267
Weight / Pallet 1,325 (lbs.)

Sold by the pallet or box.

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