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EdgeCrete is a fiber reinforced concrete edge restraint for paver and natural stone applications on a permeable, open graded or standard base.

  • Fiber Reinforced to Resist Cracking
  • Polymer Modified for Superior Strength
  • Simple to Install – No Spikes Required

50 lb Bags, 56 Bags Per Pallet
Approximate Coverage: Per 50 Lb. Bag

Standard Base 17’
Permeable & Open Graded Base 13



Optimal air temperature for installation of EdgeCrete is above 32° F. It can be installed in below freezing temperatures if protected with a frost blanket. EdgeCrete will tolerate light rain during installation. Do not install during heavy rainfall.

Step 1: Prior to compacting the pavers or natural stone, remove bedding layer (sand or chips) that extends outside the perimeter. For optimal performance, remove all of the bedding material down to the base material.
Step 2: In a mixing tub or wheelbarrow, mix ½ gallon of water with each 50 lb. bag of EdgeCrete until all dry contents are blended and the mixture is smooth and consistent.
Step 3: Using a flat shovel, distribute the freshly mixed EdgeCrete along the edge of the pavers or natural stone. Be sure to place enough material to form a triangular profile that will extend approximately half way up the pavers or natural stone.
Step 4: Using a hand trowel, form EdgeCrete into the triangular profile. The top of the troweled EdgeCrete should extend away from the pavers or natural stone at approximately a 45° angle.
Step 5: Compact the pavers or natural stone before EdgeCrete sets up. Install appropriate joint material per manufacturer instructions. For optimal results, use PolySweep Polymeric Sand.
Step 6: Finish the project by back filling with topsoil, mulch or decorative stone.
CURING: EdgeCrete is rain safe in 5 hours and fully cures after 7 days. Walkways can be used after backfilling. Driveways can be used after 48 hours. Avoid walking or driving near the edge until EdgeCrete has fully cured.
CLEAN UP: During installation, if EdgeCrete comes in contact with the paver surface, clean off immediately with a wet rag or brush and water to avoid staining. Tools should be cleaned immediately after use with water and a brush before drying.

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