EV Evolution

One Bag... Every Joint... Every Job!

EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand is a specially formulated high performance mix of graded sand and binding agent to fill pavers joints. EV EVOLUTION superior performance and durability is ideal for the installation of pavers, natural stones, flagstone joints, as well as replacing existing joints on sidewalks, patios, sloped driveways or walkways.

EV EVOLUTION will remain stable and flexible and maintain its flexibility and durability in the most extreme weather.

Why Use EV-Evolution Sand?


  • High quality sand at competitive industry pricing
  • Does joints up to 4” wide
  • Only needs one watering (shower setting)
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Smart polymer technology
  • Precisely calibrated sand good for decades of strength & performance
  • Highest documented post installation performance
  • See through bags eliminate picking errors
  • Water resistant bags with pour spout

Proper installation is the key to a beautiful haze-free result.


• For Joints up to 4 inches wide
• Excellent bond with all types of pavers
• Quick adhesion to pavers once wet
• NO Haze Formula(contains no portland)
• Significantly reduced dust
• Available in Beige, Grey, Black & White
• Clear plastic bags show sand inside
• Pure natural colours won’t fade
• Safe to use near pools
• Save Space in your yard as one product does it all
• Durable and weather resistant
• Full truckload quantity will depend on delivery vehicle type (24-28 Pallets)

STEP 1 : Pour the EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand on a completely dry surface.

STEP 2 : Using a push broom, spread the polymeric sand over the joints making sure to fill to the full depth of the paver, stone or slab (minimum 2 3/8″ (6 cm) depth).

STEP 3 : Use a vibrating plate over the entire area for joints less than 1/4″. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until the joints are completely filled.

STEP 4 : To avoid having the product sticking to the top of the pavers, stones or slabs, remove all the remaining sand with a fine bristle brush and a leaf blower.

STEP 5 WATERING : Use a water hose with a spray nozzle to water the area with a gentle mist or shower setting, to avoid displacing the polymeric sand. We recommend doing a spot check to make sure the water has filtered through to a minimum of 1″ (2,54 cm) of the depth of the joint. Simply scratch the sand with a screwdriver or sharp object to visualize, then pack-it back to the original condition. Do not over-water or flood, causing a runoff.

STEP 6 DRYING/SETTING : Allow at least 24 hours of drying time for a maximum stability and performance of this product before exposure to rain. Drying or hardening time will vary depending on weather conditions. Cold and damp temperatures will increase the drying time substantially.

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