Non-hazing Formula Premium Jointing Sand

Formulated for Joints Up to 3/4”
Concrete & Clay Pavers • Natural Stone
Cast Stone • Porcelain Tile

Haze Free – Guaranteed
Advanced Clear Set Technology®

Made with native sands and the highest quality, clearest synthetic polymers. Contains NO PORTLAND CEMENT which often is the cause of hazing and cracking.

RCS Safe

Certified Lab Testing demonstrated that PolySweep’s level of RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) is below reportable limits under normal use.

Superior Strength Long Lasting Durability

Creates a long term, semi-solid joint that resists cracking, prevents sand loss, inhibits weed growth and deters insects.

Stronger Set Up

Tested and proven to have superior cohesion and adhesion performance on initial set up and after full cure.

One Sand Does It All

Residential & Commercial Applications: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks & Concrete Overlays.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

If any PolySweep product has been installed per Great North Hardscape instructions, and is proven to have a manufacturer defect, then Great North Hardscape will refund the Polysweep purchase price. Great North Hardscape will only be obligated for the refund of the PolySweep purchase price and will not be responsible or liable for any other costs.

Packaging & Storage

Available in 50 lb. bags. 56 bags per pallet. Plastic bag is resistant to moisture. However, care must be taken to protect packaging from puncture and long term exposure to constant moisture and ultraviolet light.

Available in 4 Colours


Testing Shows PolySweep Outperforms The Competition When It Matters Most


Testing Shows PolySweep Outperforms The Competition When It Matters Most psi VS 30 psi) within 12 hours of activation. PolySweep maintains superior cohesion performance at 24, 36, and 48 hours after activation. (See chart.)


PolySweep outperforms the competition in its adhesion characteristics. Testing demonstrated that PolySweep has a superior ability versus the competition to adhere to pavers and natural stone which will result in a longer lasting, more stable joint.

Set Up

Set up is achieved when the polymeric sand has surpassed a cohesion threshold that will not allow heavy rain or strong wind to move it out of the joint. Don’t be fooled when assessing set up. Harder is not an indication of good set up, cohesion is an indicator of good set up. PolySweep outperforms the competition in set up.

Package Weight……..50 LBS
Pallet Packaging…….56 bags per pallet
Pallet Weight…………3300 LBS
Pallet Dimensions….44” x 48” x 38”

Great North Hardscape