Precision Landscape Edge

20’ x 4”

Precision Landscape Edge is also available in retail packages.

Precision Edge is a true end-to-end manufacturer utilizing 100% recycled materials to produce quality edging solutions for all of your landscape needs. Our products are made from post-consumer plastics that otherwise would end up in landfills.
Our edging is perfect for a wide variety of landscape applications. Precision Edge is the strongest, most environmentally friendly landscape edging available today. With it’s sleek black finish and easy installation, Precision Edge is the #1 choice for contractors in the landscape industry.

Smooth Flowing Curves

1″ x 4″ & 1″ x 6″

Straight Connector

Custom Bending Tool

Custom Bending Tool

Corner Connector

* Made locally in BC from 100% recycled high density polyethylene.
* Precision Edge is the strongest landscape edging available made from the most pliable plastic in the world.
* Stronger than aluminum edging.
* Aesthetically mimics black aluminum.
* Will not break or fracture under any circumstances due to its solid core construction.
* Ideal for straight lines, curves and corners.
* No coloring agents or chemical additives. 100% recycled material only.
* Great finishing edge for all landscape applications.
* Non-stick surface makes our products ideal for concrete forms.
* Will not rot or break down over time like wood products.
* Edging available in 1×4 and 1×6 black only.

Precision Edge Features & Benefits

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