Quick-E-Sand Plow

One of the biggest reasons a project can fail is an improperly installed edge restraint (PVC edging)

If your edging does not sit down tight on your compacted gravel base, the sand will migrate out and cause your edge to lose all stability. Thus causing the installation to fail. The Quick-E-Sand Plow effortlessly glides along the top of your paver edge while plowing the sand out away from the paver allowing a perfect setting bed on the gravel for the PVC edging.

To use the Quick-E-Sand Plow simply loosen the two large black knobs and slide the plate up or down until the desired paver height (in millimeters) is lined up with the top of the plate. By doing this, you will automatically be set to the correct height if you are using 1” screed pipes. Once set, firmly drag the Quick-E-Sand Plow along the edge of your paver surface to plow the sand away and expose the compacted gravel below. This prepares a perfect base on which the PVC edging is to rest and get spiked into. Be sure to keep the plow firmly against the paver edge at all times. Calibrated for depths from 2-3/4” to 6” (7 cm to 15 cm).

NOTE: this tool accommodates the interchangeable Quick-E-Handle (sold separately).

Great North Hardscape