The Quick-E Scribes allows you to transfer a cut line from a fixed edge to a paver or retaining wall surface, swiftly and without error.


  • Transcribes a marking line from any fixed object  to a concrete product that needs to be cut in.
  • Mark the properly sized retaining wall block or individual pieces of wall cap to make a perfect radius cap on your curved walls.
  • Lightweight & portable – allows you to trace irregular shapes like natural rocks in order to perfectly incorporate them into a beautiful retaining wall.
  • Quickly and perfectly scribe in a soldier or sailor row when the pavers are going to be against a hard fixed surface.This allows the pavers to then be cut in place, so the border pavers can simply be dropped into place for a perfect fit.
  • Mark angles for perfectly mitered corners. There are 3 angles (90, 45 and 22½ degrees) engraved on the inside of one of the arms which can be tightened into place for consistent marking from paver to paver. Just trace the angle.

photo 5Uses Red Lead Marking Pencils


Adjust the two ends of the Quick-E-Scribe to the desired width, and just drag the guide end along the fixed edge that you wish to trace. The other end will follow and perfectly mark the paver or block for the cut. Watch the video below to see how to use the Quick-E-SCRIBE.

Great North Hardscape